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EAM Consulting Group | Troy, MI

Virtual Guest Event: Discover WHY Salespeople Fail!

VIRTUAL DATE: Thursday, May 25th

TIME: 10:30am to Noon

Presented by Erik Meier, Sandler | Michigan

Find Out HOW to Improve and Grow Your Sales Process!

Join us for this insightful session that focuses on HOW to put your salespeople in control of the selling process.

Traditional selling techniques don’t work like they used to. Today’s buyers have seen and heard it all. That puts them in control of the sales process – from avoiding the salesperson to stringing them along while not making a decision. The sad casualties of this are lost opportunity and revenue – and even more costly, the salesperson’s self-esteem. 

Our workshop format is an insightful interactive discussion about what works, what doesn't, and how to evolve your approach to fit the new selling economy.

This workshop is for business owners, presidents, and professional salespeople who are:

Concerned that their marketing and prospecting activities are not getting them/their teams in front of enough qualified prospects 
Experiencing longer and longer sales cycles
Frustrated by spending a lot of time providing unpaid consulting with quotes, presentations, and ideas, and then not getting the business
Unsure how to uncover the reasons that motivate prospects to buy (from you)
Fighting to keep margins from eroding due to increased price competition and/or salespeople’s inability to negotiate successfully
Uncomfortable not having a selling system that will help them take control of the sales process
If you resonate with one or more of these challenges, then we will identify what you are doing well and where you can improve. 

The goal of this training session is to arm you and your sales team with the truths and insight to explore new ways to generate new customers, handle increasing price pressures, and increase your revenue and profits.

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Why Salespeople Fail and What to Do About It by EAM Consulting  - Sandler Michigan