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Erik Meier

Client-Centric Satisfaction  This is a powerful discussion! Real learning occurs as the client, now openly sharing, provides knowledge that will lead to successful delivery and steady account growth. 

Have you ever lost a deal because you weren't able to distinguish yourself from your competition?

Have you ever lost a sale you thought was closed?

Have you ever lost a deal because you didn't make the right decisions?

Many salespeople are too eager to make presentations – are you? They view them as opportunities to establish the value of their products or services by demonstrating their unique aspects. You can’t establish value, however, until you have determined which aspects, if any, are relevant to the prospects’ situations.

Do you routinely fill those uncomfortable silences?

Have you ever let your emotions get the better of you in a selling situation?

John Rollins Finishes In The Top Ten at FRYS.COM Open

Have you ever had a buyer change his mind after committing to the sale?