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Professional Development

Join Mike Montague and Daniel Murray as they delve into the world of marketing millennials, discussing the attitude, behavior, and techniques needed to climb to the top and stay there.

In this week's episode with Don Overcash, a seasoned Sandler client and trainer, we delve into the art of succeeding regardless of the outcome.

Since the landscape of learning and development is transforming due to AI and language models, Sandler believes that those who understand and embrace these technologies will get ahead and stay ahead in the ongoing race for innovation, growth, and market share.

To help salespeople wrap up 2023 to best serve their clients/customers, Tim Roberts shares these three key takeaways for selling in an AI world.

Once you change your mindset and focus on consistent daily actions, you should more readily meet (or exceed) your goals.

Join Ty Hoesgen and Sandler in this episode for an in-depth exploration of the art of successful video calls.

Join Mike Montague and Grant Baldwin of The Speaker Lab as they unravel the essentials of powerful speaking techniques, from presentation preparation to landing speaking gigs.

We at Sandler are excited to announce that our commitment to this essential strategy has been recognized: we have been named one of the Top Virtual Sales Training Companies in 2023 by Selling Power.

Research indicates that the majority of people make New Year's wishes rather than resolutions. Most fail to write them down, and many give up on them by mid-January.

However, a small group (around 1%) set different goals and actually achieve them.

Effective goal setting involves dedicating yourself to your dreams. It provides you with a roadmap that helps you focus your efforts at the right time on the right things and holds you accountable for progress.

If you are committed to succeeding in the coming year and beyond, here are six steps to create a perfect goal-setting plan!

So, you're thinking of building your own sales training program? Let's talk about the numbers and logistics of putting it all together.