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Management & Leadership

If you know me professionally, you’ll probably think it’s comical that I am writing about this rule… but I promise, I’ve got some valuable insight on this. In sales, the phrase “your meter’s always running” applies to blurring the line between friendship and business. How you handle yourself in business matters.

Ken Seawell partners with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Seawell and the LLS are partnering together to help young adults succeed.

At many of the organizations we work with, the size of the average sales team has increased over the past decade. Given that there are a limited number of working hours, and given that sales leaders now find themselves responsible for supervising, training, mentoring, and coaching larger teams, what best practices should they embrace when it comes to time management? Here are three to consider.

Do you ever go above and beyond the call- and get little or no credit for it?

Have you ever issued a "call to action" that didn't produce any action?