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The Schneider family has been like a second family to me.I met Mark and Stephanie at church where we developed our friendship. I was present for the birth of both of their children, Linus and Muriel. I have babysat for the kids and I even have a key to their house. For some reason they have taken a liking to me and have embraced me as a member of their family.On the wall of their kitchen they have, as most families do, photos, drawings, report cards, and school notes that Linus and Muriel have brought home during the school year. 

One of the things Linus brought home recently caught my attention.

It was a document on Unhelpful Thinking Styles from Psychology Tools.

When we think of something unimaginable, we often associate the word with pain. Does the word always have to be viewed negatively? Can there be joy in the unimaginable? I believe there can be.

Do you judge your self-worth based on what others think of you or what you know about yourself?

As a beginner, you ask a lot of questions. You might feel kind of silly, at first. But, asking questions benefits you. You learn a lot and, more importantly, you learn specifics that will help you in the future.


Occasionally, I find myself in meetings and it seems like the prospect, for some reason, isn’t being responsive. While this is certainly discouraging, it’s not the end of the world. I’ve learned over time that the reason they’re being unresponsive is that its usually not about me. Perhaps the prospect had a bad experience with a previous salesperson or an uncomfortable conversation with a co-worker. Maybe they’re even thinking about how they got cut off in traffic.

As a salesperson, my goal is to create equal business stature and a mutual decision-making process. In doing so, the prospect and I are equal. If I have to ask for the order, then I tip the scales of equality to me and doing business is not a mutually beneficial decision. Pressuring the prospect to buy upsets the balance of equality also.

As a salesperson what is your goal? Is it to build good relationships with clients? Is it to establish yourself as a partner in my client’s success? Is it to help my prospect discover the truth? Technically yes, but ultimately, that is not your goal. Your goal is to close the sale, aka “go to the bank.”

As I’ve said before, your job as a salesperson is to listen to the prospect. You have to figure out what they need, why they need it, and if you can help them come up with a solution. And that can’t happen if you are too busy selling yourself and your products.


In this situation, the bomb is, of course, not an actual bomb. If it were, the Sandler Rule should be to run like heck away from it. Anyway…The “bomb” is a potential problem or a reoccurring problem with your prospect.