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The Summer movie season has begun with a bang.

Avengers: Endgame has become only the second film to gross over $800 million domestically.

You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Avengers, and maybe one of three people who haven’t yet seen the movie.

I won’t be sharing any Endgame spoilers as I am one of the three people who hasn’t seen it, but I will share some insights about the Infinity Stones and how I see them relating to Sandler. With thanks to Sean Coyle for the idea and some material (yes, I borrowed it from him!), here we go…

Character Taneller Tivan, also known as the Collector, is the keeper of the largest collection of interstellar relics in the galaxy. In his dealings with the Guardians of the Galaxy, he explains how the six Infinity Stones, and their respective powers, came into being.

Below are Tivan’s explanations and how I see each of the stones relating to Sandler:

The Space Stone
This stone gives the user power over space. Anyone holding the Space Stone can create a portal from one part of the universe to another.

Jumping from one place to another is about freedom.

Freedom for me is about getting out of my own way conceptually.

Saying what I need to say and holding people accountable to their truths has always been hard for me. My need for approval gets in the way. As I continue to grow, I feel power in getting outside of my comfort zone and creating “new normals” that define that new level of freedom.

The Mind Stone
This stone allows the user to control the minds of others.

For me, the mind stone, and control, is about influence.

What are my own perceptions about my influence? When I sell, do I see myself as a trusted advisor or instead as a vendor? Am I creating equal business stature and building good relationship with prospects in order to influence better decisions, based on mutual interest and respect? Am I using the pre-call planning tool to influence the direction of the conversation around a beneficial result?

The Reality Stone
This stone grants the user the ability to manipulate matter.

I equate the reality stone with the truth.

Am I as a professional salesperson, accountable? Do I consistently hit my prospecting numbers? Do I attend the number of networking events I agreed to? Am I hosting talks to build my reputations as a subject matter expert?

I want to be true to my word and eliminate the excuses that keep me from my word.

Excuses are accepting that I am not smart and/or confident enough to figure it out. And that’s not the truth I want to live.

The Power Stone
This stone bestows energy upon its holder.

Energy equals enhancement, or the improvement of quality or value.

My idea of energy, enhancement, and improvement means I will spend time practicing my craft. It means spending extra time ensuring that my clients meet their levels of success. It means taking care of myself physically and mentally so that I can do what I need to do to succeed.

The Time Stone
This stone grants its holder the ability to rewind or fast-forward time.

Have you heard the saying “time is money?” The saying is about being efficient with your time.

Many rookie salespeople spend too much time going after large businesses they can’t handle. They are just not ready.

It’s more effective for them to find smaller clients to sell to and grow with on their way to bigger opportunities.

From there, they can scale their business around the small, the medium, and the big businesses so that you are managing time well.

The Soul Stone
This stone is about the holder is willing to sacrifice.

It is all about love, my friends.

With those I love, I am willing to make great sacrifices.

The problem is I don’t make those same sacrifices for myself.

Perhaps I need to love me more so that my loyalty to my causes doesn’t waver. When I wake up at 2am, feeling lonely and forgotten, what keeps me going? It’s the love for my daughter, my family, my friends, and that certain Port Huron farmer’s daughter that gets me up each day to do my thing.

In the movies, the villain Thanos wants control over all six stones in order to achieve his evil plans.

In real life, are you looking for your six stones in order to help you achieve your dreams, desires and goals?

I hope so. I am.

Happy Selling!

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