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I’ve just returned from my trip to Florida where I spent some time with my family (ask me about my granny van) and at the Sandler National Client Summit. The theme of the two-day Summit was Vision Driven Success.

Let me share with you a few of my takeaways:

1. David Matteson, the CEO of Sandler Training, opened the Summit with a talk on the future of selling. In his presentation he stressed that application turns knowledge into skill, and that confidence and conviction overcomes fear, doubt, and worry. Studies show that it takes at least 8 attempts to reach prospects and many times we give up too early. I’ve been guilty of that too. But we need to learn to not let worry and fear drive us away from doing our behaviors. By doing those behaviors, I have a peace of mind that success will follow.

2. John Rosso spoke about the 7 success factors that translate goal setting to goal achievement. Two of the factors made an impact on me.

a. The first factor is mindset. To make changes to your mindset you have to change your actions. Actions change results and results change beliefs. John explained that the successful salesperson realizes that resetting actions (without proof of success) is a powerful tool in high self-esteem.

b. The second impact is thoughts about money. People are earning exactly what they think they are worth. That is a powerful statement, isn’t it? Do we discount our products and services because we don’t think we are worth the full price?

3. Tim Roberts hosted a talk on pre-call planning. He flat out stated that people just don’t think. I agree. We walk into sales appointments without preparing for the call. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Tim shared that looking for mutual mystification with your prospect before the appointment creates transparency and improves credibility between you and the prospect. It also allows you to gain information needed to make your next presentation compelling, emotional, and make the prospect want to do business with you.

In addition to these takeaways, I had the privilege to share the experience with one of my clients, Peter Shillingford. Peter, owner of Giant Plumbing and Heating has attended the Summit with me for two consecutive years. To see him grow professionally and to become more self-reflective is a proud moment for me. I have reached a new level of admiration for Peter.

Sandler has truly been a blessing in my life, both professionally and personally and I encourage any Sandler client to attend next year’s Client Summit.

Now, get back to work!

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