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EAM Consulting Group | Troy, MI

Internship with Sandler Training by EAM Consulting Group

"Where do I get experience if no one is willing to hire me?"

The answer is simple: Get an Internship!


Benefits of an Internship

Career Exploration

Leadership and Skill Development

Networking and Establishing Mentors and References


Looking to learn and work with the best in the industry?

Are you?

  • Passionate about Sales, Customer Service and Leadership 

  • Passionate about personal development and ongoing learning

Do you have?

  • A will to win 

  • The discipline to succeed

A proven platform – Sandler Training – to teach others to become sales professionals

  • Learn the tools and the process that have made Sandler Training successful.
  • Establish and achieve the metrics established in your "cookbook."
  • Become an expert in presentation and sales.
  • Extensive on-going sales training and coaching

Find Success with a Dynamic and Growing Company

We’re all about creating success— for our clients—and for the people who make their careers with us.

As the top sales and management training company in the world, the feeling in our offices is dynamic, fast-paced and cutting-edge. We’re fully engaged in creating job fulfillment in the people who work here.

We need highly qualified people who are passionate about what they do.

Please feel free to get in touch if you believe you would be a fit for this well-rounded, engaging, and beneficial internship experience.

FIND OUT WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! Stop in for a tour of our facility

We are not for everyone, if you feel you would like to view the entire description of life as an intern with us and explore the opportunity to be considered for the position contact Anna Meier at