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EAM Consulting Group | Troy, MI


Sit in on a workshop at our Troy, Grand Rapids, or Lansing Training Centers

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Why did our clients choose us?

Our clients used to struggle to hit their sales targets. They were spending too much time on unqualified prospects and dropping their prices to close sales until they found a better way! Crash one of our upcoming classes alongside them and see how they've achieved success with Sandler Training and developed solutions for their marketplace and industry.

Who should attend Sandler Training?

Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Presidents, and Sales Managers who are concerned their salespeople:

  • Do too much unpaid consulting


  • Are too focused on things that keep them busy but not productive in their sales process
  • Work hard but with frustrating results
  • Are getting ‘think-it-overs’ instead of closing
  • Are uncomfortable picking up the phone to make cold calls
  • Spend time developing presentations that never turn into business
  • Waste time with unqualified prospects
  • Feel uneasy about the validity of what is in their sales pipeline

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